I don't think that's good or bad, it's just very different than on twitter or facebook. I think I haven't met anyone here in person before (?) but we have some light hci-related conversations and that's nice. That is something I wouldn't do so much on twitter or facebook/linkedin/... Also, I think that maybe over time and some in-person advertising on conferences the server community can grow organically.

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I have joined this server ~2 months ago and recently I was reflecting a bit about how this has settled in my everyday life. I'm reading mostly everything that's going on here (hci.social), although I don't write a lot recently. I also don't use the federated feed at all, it's kind of overwhelming and at times not so relevant to me. It seems to me that the structure here really pushes server communities and not so much the federation. Maybe that's just me?

What are some good ways to obfuscate your authorship of your earlier work that you build on, so it's not too obvious who you are during peer review?

My friend is working on a paper that heavily draws from an earlier study and there is not much work by other authors in HCI about that specific topic. If they disclose in which country they collected their data it seems pretty obvious who they are.

- the three central timelines (local vs. federated vs. home) don't make too much sense to me, yet. Well, home makes sense, but I don't really see when the local and federated timelines are useful and which one I should scroll through. Maybe that shows over time?

- is there a way to minimize the "toot" column on the left? It eats a lot of screen space and I use it ~once in three days

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I'm glad to see this server is growing and we have some relatively constant activity! A few problems I still have with the interface/structure:

- how do you follow more complex queries? On twitter/tweetdeck I had a column for "@acm_chi OR OR @ACM_CSCW OR OR ". Here I don't know how to do that. I just found out today that I can follow a single hashtag in a dedicated column, but this feels a bit clumsy.

After the 2 year "embargo" period by the publisher has passed, today I could finally make my last paywalled publication available online.

It's a book chapter (in German) about our project on collaborative shift planning in healthcare: alarithuhde.com/publications/K

A small step for science, but this has been bugging me for years. Also, I spent some time reformatting it in a nicer layout before finding out I'm not allowed to change such things.

funding still has some tricky corner cases.

Hi to everyone I failed to talk to at CHI! 👋

One question: Who created this instance and pays for it out of their billionaire's pocket?


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