We are welcoming Amna Liaqat to @princeton HCI as our new postdoc and CITP fellow 🎉

She's joining us from the University of Toronto where she worked on building social computing systems for new immigrants.

Princeton is hiring a jr or sr faculty who researches decentralization/blockchains.

This is a position in the engineering school, which means it can be in CS or other departments. The ideal person is someone who thinks about the societal implications of technology. Hopefully an HCI person.

This is part of the new decenter.princeton.edu.

Application site: puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/

I don't know the plans for virtual CSCW but I'm wondering if it'd be worth doing a pre or post CSCW gathering of social computing systems folks. Focused on discussion and socialization. Like what we did last year socialcomputingsystemscamp.wor

Would new organizers have the bandwidth for that? cc @chinmay @karger

Hi friends!

I wanted to tell you all that Emory CS is hiring! apply.interfolio.com/113254

We are looking for top candidates in all fields, but especially interested in AI, HCI, and related fields -- we are creating a top CS department, and have grown 3x over 3 years (I moved recently from CMU)

If you are interested or know someone we should hire, DM me :)

Congratulations to Elizabeth Watkins on her new role as a research scientist at Intel ✨ We were lucky to have her as our inaugural postdoc last academic year.

Look out for her XAI work in collaboration with our computer vision colleagues. Hopefully coming out at CHI.

I hear there's some sort of deadline. What is that all about?

In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !


Today marks the end of the HCI research team at Snap.

It was an amazing 5-year experience building the team from scratch and getting to work on playful/creative technologies that bring joy to people. A much-needed research angle, in a world full of gloom and doom.

In the past year, as I joined the faculty at Princeton, my role focused on strategy and helping others lead. The team of scientists and engineers is super talented and will be looking for opportunities.


Does your university use Google/Outlook Calendar to let you reserve rooms or does it also asks you to email a person to do that?

Twitter whistleblower 

The timing and the fact that the whistleblower spares Jack Dorsey, makes me wonder if this has something to do with the Elon lawsuit.🤔

BTW, if you want to tidy up your PCS submissions page for the looming rush, there's a Tampermonkey script for that: gist.github.com/floe/166b21db1

I’ll be talking about an ongoing project related to explaining differential privacy tomorrow at TPDP. As a part of this project, I put together a brief list of resources for people who are interested in learning more about differential privacy: github.com/msmart14/about-diff

I wrote an op-ed for my local paper: dailycamera.com/2022/08/09/gue

> “This temporal gerrymandering should be stopped, and democratic decision- making should be returned to the larger and more representative electorates during even-year elections.”

How much of your procrastinating/multitasking is triggered by waiting for something else to complete? For example, if a web page is taking a while to load, I often switch to another tab to do something else.

Do you interpret the concept of the metaverse as a technology that must involve 3D user interfaces?

How many cooperative Mastodon instances are there? Cooperative meaning democratically owned, governed, managed, moderated. Is there a list somewhere? Is social.coop the only one? Please boost.

¿Cuántas instancias de Mastodon cooperativas hay? ¿Cuáles son?


Combien d'instances Mastodon coopératives existent-ils? Lesquelles?

What do you think of social media platforms going offline once in a while to give people a break? 😀

The IRB is fine outsourcing transcriptions to a company, but if we want undergrads to help they need CITI training 😂

We're thinking of organizing an online hour-or-two social-computing social, using a new tool we have built to help people in the community meet each other. I'm polling informally to see if people think this would work better in the summer or once the semester begins.

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