Another amusing thing about academia is how often it's harder to figure out what someone has *done* than what awards they've received.

Perhaps because it's hard to understand what people do without fair amount of expertise? I do wonder if it sets the wrong incentives. 🤔

Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

Two papers from students in my Social Computing grad seminar last Fall are coming out at CSCW this year.

I tried to do something like it with an undegrad class in the Spring but it didn't work as well.

I wonder if others have succeeded at turning undergrad classes into something that doesn't just end with the class.

🚨CHI leadership volunteering open call🚨

Future @acm_chi General Chairs, TPCs and members of the steering committee.
Closes 1st Aug 2022

Expressions of interest in these roles as either Self-nominations or nominating others.

CVPR might be following CHI's footsteps, turning into a superspreader event 😔

I'm realizing that it's going take a while for me to want to go back to conferences. The risk/benefit ratio is just not there for me.

See you in CHI 2025!

Funding opportunity for folks interested in researching new ways of reliving memories with augmented reality:

A total of $100K will be divided among participating teams plus access to Spectacles smart glasses and the new Pixy flying camera.

Perfect for someone running a class around this or for a grad student interested in the theme.

This year, @rajan_vaish is organizing this RFP. Ping him for more details.

I’ve recently been reading about trauma-informed research methods, and I wrote up a short blog post about what I’ve learned in case someone might find it useful:

I'm working on this blog post about the knowledge management problem we're trying to solve at my startup. Would love some feedback from before I publish this on Monday.

For context, I'm hoping it might attract interest/discussion among the productivity blogger community.

Also, I totally made up the three patterns here, but they feel right. If you know of any research I can point to, that would be a huge help.

I decided to pay to get rid of ads on YouTube through their Premium offering. The experience is great but $12/month feels expensive. However, that’s probably what they make on ads per user per month. It seem hard to imagine we’ll be able to move away from ad supported tech in the near future. The other alternatives are web3 or public-funded services.

Screenshot of email from Princeton University alerting of a bear sightings

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I wasn’t expecting we’d have bears in NJ, one of the most densely populated states!

Paul Slocum, software developer who has been curating, conserving, and selling digital art since 2006 wrote an excellent and extensive survey of the effects and problems in the takeover of networked culture by creepto-capital.

He couldn't find a suitable publication for his critical perspective which speaks volumes about the state of media institutions which made a name and raise funding precisely promoting the opposite values to those of blockchain culture and now are totally integrated and participating in the cultural and economic distortion described by Paul.

Do read and share widely.

#2634 Red Line Through HTTPS 

Some organization has been paying to keep this up and it hasn't been removed from search results. Seems like two votes of confidence to me.

Took a couple of friends to the airport yesterday, and there's some rather strict rules on public displays of affection here 🥰😉

Happy Tofu Thursday! This is a photo of Tofu and her bff Luna. They go by "Tuna" 😂

My favorite part of Instagram is the ads. Reminds me of the Sky all Magazine. Full of fun widgets I didn't know exist to solve problems I also didn't know exist.

How is your ear humidity? 😂

Interesting that CSCW is moving to only 2 deadlines for new submissions. Makes sense given the current deadline-driven model.

One of the most significant papers from Japan's sample return mission to asteroid Ryugu was published in Science today.

It's a monumental result, according to other planetary scientists. Essentially, we now have access to pristine materials from the very earliest days of the solar system, some 4.5ish billion years ago and we can study them on Earth.

A big deal.

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