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Princeton is hiring a jr or sr faculty who researches decentralization/blockchains.

This is a position in the engineering school, which means it can be in CS or other departments. The ideal person is someone who thinks about the societal implications of technology. Hopefully an HCI person.

This is part of the new

Application site:

I discovered recently that the people who make your boba tea have a name - bobarista! 😃 How great is that!

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Today marks the end of the HCI research team at Snap.

It was an amazing 5-year experience building the team from scratch and getting to work on playful/creative technologies that bring joy to people. A much-needed research angle, in a world full of gloom and doom.

In the past year, as I joined the faculty at Princeton, my role focused on strategy and helping others lead. The team of scientists and engineers is super talented and will be looking for opportunities.

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I was chatting with someone today, and said, "we should advertise these Apple HCI/AI internships on" and the response was, "why would we do that? @barik already works here and it's just you an him on there."

help prove the naysayers wrong!

we are looking for interns in accessibility, UI toolkits, infovis, learning sciences, ML fairness, lots of cool technical things at the intersection of HCI and ML!

DM me and I'll connect you to the right folks.

everyone is lying when they say the main problem with Seattle is the rain. the main problem is the MASSIVE FREAKING SPIDERS EVERYWHERE in the summertime!

This piece isn't saying anything new, especially for the folks who have chosen to be here, but curious about people's takes!

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queued up to read: "No Grammar to Rule Them All: A Survey of JSON-style DSLs for Visualization" by Andrew McNutt

"we survey and analyze the design and implementation of 57 JSON-style DSLs for visualization. We analyze these languages supported by a collected corpus of examples for each DSL (consisting of 4395 instances) across a variety of axes organized into concerns related to domain, conceptual model, language relationships, affordances, and general practicalities."

@andresmh @pg so the conference was just chairs talking to each other about how hard their life is. I have been sufficiently scared to never want to be chair from the stories 😱 They should not invite junior faculty to this, lol.

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Lol so a major deadline that I thought was next week turns out to be TODAY because of internal review deadlines I forgot about.

Me in my stages of shock and grief followed by grim acceptance of my fate for the next several hours: ☠️😱🤪✍️🏃🏻‍♀️💨

So I’m at a conference for CS department chairs lol. I’m here to be on a panel, and I know almost no one (except for, you know, my boss 😛). Feels like early grad school days at CHI.

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OK finally: my thoughts on sync Conferences and meetings after CHI CHIWORK DIS and FAccT this year.

Would love to hear thoughts & comments. Will edit good points in as I get them.

It’s the night of the CSCW deadline, and my husband not only got me boba but also made me pasta with clams and white wine as a recreation of one of my favorite dishes when we were in Italy and 🥰🥰🥰

Sorry for the wordle post but this was funny 😁

Wordle 388 3/6


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🚨CHI leadership volunteering open call🚨

Future @acm_chi General Chairs, TPCs and members of the steering committee.
Closes 1st Aug 2022

Expressions of interest in these roles as either Self-nominations or nominating others.

Abortion ruling 

Sigh. Just realized as a person who hopes to get pregnant in the near term, I don’t know if I’m comfortable visiting my and my partner’s families (who live in states where abortion is now outlawed/restricted) in case something goes wrong while I’m there. 😕

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I'm working on this blog post about the knowledge management problem we're trying to solve at my startup. Would love some feedback from before I publish this on Monday.

For context, I'm hoping it might attract interest/discussion among the productivity blogger community.

Also, I totally made up the three patterns here, but they feel right. If you know of any research I can point to, that would be a huge help.

Le sigh, it took only 2 years, a couple months, and surviving a CHI superspreader event but I finally caught Covid 🤒😢

I’m participating in the UW Facilty Field Tour next week! For some reason, the thought of a bunch of 30-40 yr old professors taking a big bus around the state for a week and getting mistaken for the football team is cracking me up. 🤣

What is with this city and its obsession with bread…went to a bakery pop-up and this is the line (photo 2 is my spot in line after snaking around the corner past photo 1)

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