Does anyone have “color revolutions in Iran and Russia” and “Trump indicted on felony charges” on their bingo cards for 2022?

There should be an award for economists claiming to have just discovered a phenomenon the rest of the social sciences have been analyzing for decades.

Y’all ever end up in a Duolingo league with a bunch of try-hards grinding out 200xp per day? 😪

There’s an alternate universe in which a politically savvy GOP embraces Venezuelan refugees as proof of the “failures of socialism” and the grace of their Christian morals, but here we are instead with them proving their bonafides to unrepentant racists with taxpayer-subsidized human trafficking.

Just finished Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and absolutely loved it. Fan service, freak of the week, shenanigans, big speeches, greats sets and SFX. Can’t wait for more!

What does the NFT crowd think of DALLE image generation tools? It seems like you can’t have the latter if the former prevailed.

In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

I need to dish about and there’s no way that’s going to happen

Did anyone out there in 1999 have “Donald Trump fractures the post-war neoliberal order” as a prediction about the 21st century?

A lot of gratitude for the universe today.

I couldn’t find my wedding band and class ring all summer, thinking they’d turn up somewhere. They didn’t so I turned the house upside down looking for them to no avail. Give up and resign myself to having lost them.

I get to campus for first day of teaching today and lo and behold, my rings are sitting on my desk. I don’t remember going to the office at all this summer—they must’ve walked there!

Very cool interactive story on gerrymandering algorithms, Monte Carlo simulations, and algorithmic fairness:

Driving in LA is wild. So many streets have 1,000+ cars per hour on it, but we’re going to shut one lane down so someone can park their car on the street.

I wrote an op-ed for my local paper:

> “This temporal gerrymandering should be stopped, and democratic decision- making should be returned to the larger and more representative electorates during even-year elections.”

Research idea I wish I had time for: reconstructing Cannabis-mediated information seeking sessions from Wikipedia clickstream data.

Looking at the rules on that sub is a Ghost of Christmas Future of where technology, media, and politics are going to be in 2024.

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