Once every autumn, my curiosity gets the better of me and I try one of these concoctions... and then I'm cured again for the next 12 months. 😖

Went to a pizza place tonight that has some very clear rules on payment 😉

Trying to leave without the dog, feeling watched somehow... 🤔😉

I've always had a feeling that Europe, and Germany in particular, tends to copy bad ideas from the US with a ~ 10 year delay, so now we're getting our own cheap Rupert Murdoch clone in the form of Matthias Döpfner (Springer CEO): ft.com/content/4d65b018-e62d-4

Wow, had a 4 that was quite sluggish, even after overclocking. Spent 10€ on a high-end SD card, and suddenly it's like greased lightning ⚡🤩

Our elevator currently has an off-by-one error between the floor it's displaying, and the one it's currently at. Doesn't exactly inspire full confidence in the software it's running 😬

How could anyone _possibly_ think I'm procrastinating on my writing? The nerve!

Bought a new gas pressure regulator for our barbecue, had a closer look at the ratings before installation. Old: 50 mBar, new: 2 _Bar_. 🤔 I may have to return that one, the best possible outcome would probably be just me losing my eyebrows... 😬

TBH, I'm a bit cheesed that the whole topic of decentralisation has been so thoroughly run over by the blockchain people. Yes, a blockchain in itself is decentralised, but that's not the only game in town. Ever heard of federation, for example?

Talked my 82 years old dad through swapping out their DSL router over the phone, and the whole experience did have a certain bomb defusing vibe: "NOOOO not that wire, leave that plugged in!!1!" 😅

Looks like I'm not the only one who has some issues with understanding spoken Danish... 😁🤭 youtu.be/s-mOy8VUEBk

nerdlegame 226 3/6


@floe Admittedly, however, I do feel rather queasy this morning. 🤢 Let's call it gastrointestinal jetlag.

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The school hosted an "International foods dinner" yesterday, with every family bringing a dish from their home country. I've taken a culinary trip across at least four continents, tasty! 😋

The next person to "invite" me to do more volunteer work will be repeatedly slapped with a wet paper draft. 😑

The previous tenants of our new apartment were maybe not the most ... savvy people in terms of home improvement. Never found so much hot glue used in wildly inappropriate locations before 🤬

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