@andresmh Hm, I think both server and client solutions exist with different layouts. I found this list of alternative clients:


Some can be installed on the server, some locally. Maybe I'll try something that works on the desktop. It just felt a bit clumsy as a standard interface, the tweetdeck is much more flexible.

For combined queries, I don't know how to solve this. Maybe there are some clients with that functionality?

We made a discord for CS/HCI PhD students to meet folks / socialize, and are having a social hour tonight (the 18th) at 7pm EST-whenever.

A bit last minute on hci.social but send folks our way if they are interested!


Lots of really cool features for making our devices more accessible from my colleagues at Apple announced today. apple.com/newsroom/2022/05/app

@ganeshkumartk Check moa.party/ out. I am using it and studying the code. Should be a good start for your efforts.

Planning to use @Mastodon API to build an app that toots my tweets...

Toots give me so much characters, yet I couldn't choose what character I'm 😜

I've long found it kind of frustrating how casually and imprecisely people use "bot" to refer to a wide variety of different kinds of Twitter accounts … now it seems that troll musk is using questions about that definition as his latest supposed excuse to back out of twitter deal? nytimes.com/live/2022/05/17/bu

And humans have got Sundays

Human - 1 | Computer - 0

Every platform is more like a seperate world.
Indeed, I'm new to this world!
Hello world 👋🏼


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