OK finally: my thoughts on sync Conferences and meetings after CHI CHIWORK DIS and FAccT this year.

Would love to hear thoughts & comments. Will edit good points in as I get them.


Now looks even more like discord and signal, that it’s next to on my phone 🤣

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🚨CHI leadership volunteering open call🚨

Future @acm_chi General Chairs, TPCs and members of the steering committee.
Closes 1st Aug 2022

Expressions of interest in these roles as either Self-nominations or nominating others.

The AMA session just now at DIS2022 was really enjoyable. Tell your PhD students to go to the one that’s timed for the west later (in my) today.

Having parallel meetings about and now. It’s confusing as hell lol. I’m somewhat pleased is in my past now 🤣

is closing now - will be in Oldenburg Germany next June! Hosted by Susanne Bill and Anna Cox.

The new (1st!) CHIWORK conference has been really exciting today - hybrid and in person at Durham NH USA. If you want to follow tweets, it’s hashtag. And in the SIGCHI discord server on the channel.

I hope you are all registered for the new CHIWORK conference! 👌 It’s hybrid 8-9 June. chiwork.org/chiwork-2022-sympo

Maybe now people will understand my twitter username….


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