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My name is Greg and I’m a design researcher working at the intersection of Charles St and Mount Royal Ave. My focus is on participatory design and developing tools and techniques to facilitate inclusion in the design process.

Do any of your institutions pay for or have on staff writing experts/editors for journal articles and research proposals?

I keep seeing instructor and lecturer positions in HCI. I’m I just paranoid or are others noticing that in lieu of tenure-track?

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Today I start my 22nd year teaching. Yay?

Good luck to everyone going back to school over the next few weeks!

I canceled my overleaf subscription. It was that or Paramount+

I got into DALL-E! Look out nerds because here comes He-Man driving a School bus as an oil painting in the style of Matisse.

There were so many other things but the last two things were vehicles of the future including a flying taxi and hyper loop.

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This a a strange juxtaposition of two things: a tree in which a deceased person’s remains are placed and bricks grown with mycelium cells.

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This is a washing machine that puts and gets its water from a wetland. I liked the plaque on it that said No billionaires/no space colonies (although the idea of space colonies energizes me)

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The future for me will always be geodesic domes. Here is a piece from the first one constructed in North America.

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I went to the Smithsonian today and somehow ended up in a great exhibit called “Futures” in the good old Arts and Industries building. It was a such an optimistic and yet grounded look at the possibilities of technology. Here are some of my favorite things:

The vast majority of Apple HW at my house is about to be unsupported by the new OS’s.

I’m worried my Apple IIc will run more software than my iMac.

BTW @evanmpeck , I thought of you while constructing this and your quest to open people’s eyes to non-R1

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And I *didn’t* post this on the bird site and I did hit exactly 500 chars.

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