Do you remember when Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and Motorola were in the VR space…or should I say a pre-consumer VR space?

From my scrapbook probably around 1995 (I didn’t write dates)

@andresmh I have a book from 1992 that says 93 will be the year.


@gxwalsh it's like Linux! They have been predicting next year is the year of Linux since 1998😂

@andresmh @gxwalsh 2037 will be the year! and, you can hold me to that, if you remember and can find me!

@jbigham @andresmh “Siri, set a reminder for May 30th, 2037 - Find Jeff Bigham and gloat”

“Your reminder is set”

@gxwalsh @andresmh I will be shocked if that works! but looking forward to the day

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