I have a new job at the University of Baltimore.I’m the Parsons Professor of Digital Innovation and director of the Center for Digital Communication, Commerce, and Culture.

My ultimate goal is to fund two-year post docs for PhDs from under-represented groups who are interested in exploring non-R1 schools but do research around city issues (not necessarily HCI).This would give them an exit plan if they hated it or experience to pursue it (or we hire them).

Any ideas or connections on funding?

BTW @evanmpeck , I thought of you while constructing this and your quest to open people’s eyes to non-R1

@gxwalsh It's not active this year, but I found that the NSF CI Fellow program supportive of a post doc here (we had a successful application, the student just chose another gig). Maybe a good sign?

@evanmpeck do you apply with “I want a post doc here” or “I want Jane Smith here for her post doc”?

@gxwalsh CI Fellows was different in that they were tied to the individual.

I didn't think I could get anyone with an R1-structured position (I'm not going to out-research a research university), so I structured the position closer to some Faculty Fellow programs I've seen at PUIs (teach 1 course + teaching support). It was designed so that you'd come out with an experience that was advantageous on the job market for SLACs/PUIs

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