There were so many other things but the last two things were vehicles of the future including a flying taxi and hyper loop.

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This a a strange juxtaposition of two things: a tree in which a deceased person’s remains are placed and bricks grown with mycelium cells.

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This is a washing machine that puts and gets its water from a wetland. I liked the plaque on it that said No billionaires/no space colonies (although the idea of space colonies energizes me)

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The future for me will always be geodesic domes. Here is a piece from the first one constructed in North America.

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Do you remember when Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and Motorola were in the VR space…or should I say a pre-consumer VR space?

From my scrapbook probably around 1995 (I didn’t write dates)

This is a photo test. I know there aren’t a lot of media posters here so please forgive me for going against the *grain*


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