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I have a new job at the University of Baltimore.I’m the Parsons Professor of Digital Innovation and director of the Center for Digital Communication, Commerce, and Culture.

My ultimate goal is to fund two-year post docs for PhDs from under-represented groups who are interested in exploring non-R1 schools but do research around city issues (not necessarily HCI).This would give them an exit plan if they hated it or experience to pursue it (or we hire them).

Any ideas or connections on funding?

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The “Official Preppy Handbook” is weirdly expensive pre-owned. I’d love a copy but $70 is a bit too high. The same with Computer Lib by Ted Nelson… that’s a much cooler book though.

Do you remember when Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and Motorola were in the VR space…or should I say a pre-consumer VR space?

From my scrapbook probably around 1995 (I didn’t write dates)

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I saw Burger King’s app today and was floored by the #graphicdesign . It feels not only vintage but authentic. I really like that style and it takes me back to being a kid in the early 80’s.

One of my favorite things as an member is the access to the O’Reilly library. Unfortunately, it’s going away. Did you know?

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Today I microwaved sausage and my life is changed.

I just put up an away message redirecting people here and deleted Twitter.

I am all in.

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10 minutes of federated timelines and I want to learn Esperanto and try Haiku OS... am I being radicalized?

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Tip: if your #ux design process involves a developer “hand-off”, it’s not Agile.

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This checks a lot of boxes for me:

Cereal ✅

Cinnamon Rolls ✅

Rhinos 🦏✅

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This took a lot of effort and about 4 tries. The error was cannot parse response.

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This is a photo test. I know there aren’t a lot of media posters here so please forgive me for going against the *grain*


Here are some pics from a recent PD project focusing on children's views of the future of fashion design.

My name is Greg and I’m a design researcher working at the intersection of Charles St and Mount Royal Ave. My focus is on participatory design and developing tools and techniques to facilitate inclusion in the design process.

I can’t figure out how to see images (from my pixelfed account) on my timeline. Here’s a test with a link in the toot.

The Fediverse is much more exciting to me than the “metaverse”. It feels like the BBS days I remember when I first got a modem.

I hope we leverage it as a community!

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