BeReal call for photos hit at ~8:30pm, and it's all just people's laptops open to overleaf… too real.

I was chatting with someone today, and said, "we should advertise these Apple HCI/AI internships on" and the response was, "why would we do that? @barik already works here and it's just you an him on there."

help prove the naysayers wrong!

we are looking for interns in accessibility, UI toolkits, infovis, learning sciences, ML fairness, lots of cool technical things at the intersection of HCI and ML!

DM me and I'll connect you to the right folks.

I have now heard a variant of "of course they have fewer publications, good X research takes a long time to conduct and publish"

originally, in my circles, X=="systems research", because you have to take a bunch of time to build it. but, i've heard it for all kinds of things, qualitative work, design work, etc.

which is ok! because, i like "good research takes a long time to conduct and publish"

Has anyone done (or know of) studies of copilot from a user perspective? What's it make easy, where doesn't it work well, how does it possibly lead users to make mistakes, etc?

What are the characteristics of a paper that does and/or should lead it to win a Best Paper Award at a venue like CHI or UIST?

the scheduling problem is NP-hard, which means computers can't do it, and people grumble about doing it.

With going down last night due to massive load of so many users, it's basically like using Facebook back in 2003. definitely the start of something big!

all users have high visual acuity, amazing motor dexterity, and superb cognitive ability and attention

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Just had a chat with ELIZA (1964) at the Computer Games Museum. Asked about AI sentience. Best answer yet:

‘Why are you interested in whether or not I am sentient?’


in the HCII at CMU, we have traditionally thought of HCI as having three pillars … Design, Technnical/CS, and Behavioral Sciences … that doesn't mean other domains or areas aren't relevant, only that it's hard to be a good HCI researchers without depth in one ore more of these and familiarity with all of them… discuss?

I'm speaking at NAACL next week in a workshop on HCI + NLP … I'm still writing my talk, but it'll mix an argument about what HCI methods can bring to technical work, and include a bunch of examples from my group's work on dialog systems

after having been accidentally shadow banned for a year, redditor discovers he had been actively posting to no one all that time…

Anyone know any good HCI-related “dad jokes”?

I'm working on this blog post about the knowledge management problem we're trying to solve at my startup. Would love some feedback from before I publish this on Monday.

For context, I'm hoping it might attract interest/discussion among the productivity blogger community.

Also, I totally made up the three patterns here, but they feel right. If you know of any research I can point to, that would be a huge help.

@jbigham @andresmh if I understand the bias variance tradeoff from statistics, that means there’s hardly any variance then, right? And since variance is the same as risk, then this sounds like a pretty solid investment.

check out these super weird mammatus clouds from pittsburgh yesterday -- this photo was taken from my front porch around 9pm

i downloaded my twitter it's 703 Mb, is that my legacy?

I've been listening to a lot of 70s music; today's music needs more flute

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