It’s interesting that I can block or mute myself if I click on the three dots that appear on one of my old Toots. Tempted…. But not today! 🙃

I don’t get this recent trend of folks posting screenshots of (usually) Miro-based brainstorming sessions. These images are always lo-fi and the text on them cannot zoomed into and looked at. Why post at all, then? We don’t tolerate iamges with illegible text in our papers, should we tolerate them on social media? Maybe can make a rule. Alt text for all images and make all text in the posted images legible when zoomed in! Unless there is already a rule, in which case yay!

The benefit of recovering from the flu is that these cuties get to be my co-workers today.

Is this an academia thing? My university sends email announcements formatted very formally, with lots of headers, fancy titles, and with the content attached as a PDFs. Also, often sent by someone else (typically a staff person) on behalf of the main person. The actual content is often just 1 sentence, but it's' buried in lots of text.


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