We're thinking of organizing an online hour-or-two social-computing social, using a new tool we have built to help people in the community meet each other. I'm polling informally to see if people think this would work better in the summer or once the semester begins.

ok folks, any way for me to see all my past posts?

The facepalm of rebutting a reviewer who says that your evaluation by comparing to a previous system is "unfair" because the old system didn't have the cool new features that are *the whole point* of the new system.

OK, slowly learning my way around the web UI. It seems that (i) locasl timelines shows initial posts but not replies; need to click post to see replies in another column. (ii) home shows a mysterious subset of posts, missing some initial posts but including some replies.

OK, why does "local timeline" *not* show me some of the most recent posts that show in my "Home" tab?


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