We made a discord for CS/HCI PhD students to meet folks / socialize, and are having a social hour tonight (the 18th) at 7pm EST-whenever.

A bit last minute on hci.social but send folks our way if they are interested!


You either die a hero or live long enough to become the namesake of a mediocre college dining hall, and thereby become a villain.

We often forget the middle part when quoting this.

We just had @mitchell give a super fun talk at @princeton about AI jurors. Such a generative program of research 👌🏽

@merrie here, I am producing enjoyable content for you to consume

When I first joined Twitter, I wrote a script to sync my GChat and Twitter/FB statuses. It unfortunately had a bug that accidentally posted "Collabio!" on a loop to Twitter and FB every minute for about twelve hours. Turns out that, back in the days of reverse chronological feeds, not everyone loved "Collabio!" drowning out all their other content. I'll endeavor not to do that here.



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